Erykah Badu to Livestream Bedroom Concert Series for $1 that will be livestreamed from her bedroom this weekend.

Badu announced the series through an Instagram post, saying it will give fans the opportunity to also choose which songs she performs — all for the admission price $1.

She wrote on IG: “Apocalypse One : live interactive experiment from badubotron. This weekend . YOU CHOOSE THE Songs by poll . One $ to get in. 1 dollar. We gone pull it off. We gone be calm. You gone help me make it happen . Can’t do it without you. Stay tuned for details,” she wrote.

We gotta keep moving, y’all. We gotta keep this thing going,” Badu said in the post. “We’re a community of artists who our survival depends on performing…Stay tuned. We’ll let you know the rest of the details very, very soon.” The concert series will take place this weekend and Badu will share more information with fans as it approaches.

Badu recently stepped out for the Austin Film Society’s 2020 Texas Film Awards wearing a mask and designer hazmat suit with the Louis Vuitton logo on it 

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