Erica Mena Publicly Shows Her Gratitude For The Perfect Life She Has And Reveals Her Dream Location For The Wedding To Safaree – Some Fans Are Criticizing Her For This Reason

Erica Mena shared her gratitude publicly on her social media account for the great life that she has. She has the best hubby, Safaree, and she is also expecting his baby girl.

Check out an amazing video featuring the couple below. You’ll see that in the clip, she also reveals what was her dream wedding location.

Wedding invitation 2019 ♥️?? I became a wife. I said my vows to my soulmate Oct 7 2019. I have a beautiful baby girl on the way. I have my very own perfect blended family. I’m so thankful and filled with so much gratitude. I get to have it all. All I’ve ever wanted going into this new decade is here. Thank you for the up and downs. Thank you for making sure I got rid of all the worthless energy so I can flourish. So I can be the woman I was always meant to be. Mrs. Erica Mena Samuels ♥️? ??✨ My dream location for our wedding was @thelegacycastle,’ Erica captioned the video.

Someone criticized her for not mentioning her boy on social media and said: ‘Words are beautiful I think your son should’ve been mentioned in it as well ?but congrats,’ and another follower posted this: ‘I applaud you for keeping your son off of social media. Some things are just for you and your family. Happy New Year.’

One other follower posted: ‘that’s your son. We know he exists. It’s your job to protect him. Others have made this choice as well. It’s so sad these days with social media trolls, bullies and everyone’s opinions. You decide what you b want to do with your child/children. That’s your personal business @iamerica_mena.’

Someone else said: ‘Can’t hate on happiness! Continue to grow and blossom with your new family! Leave the pettiness behind, there’s no need for it in your life! Don’t just be Instagram happy be happy in real life!!!’

A person gushed over the couple and said: ‘I’m so happy for you guys, looks so beautiful together, and it’s so crazy how ya’ll came together…blessings to you both 2020.’

Erica’s fans cannot wait for her to give birth to her and Safaree’s baby girl.

She has been flaunting her pregnancy for a really long time now, and the future mom could not be prouder of her baby belly.

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