Eminem Fires Shots At Old School Rapper Lord Jamar!!

Legendary hip hop star Eminem just fired shots at the old school hip hop icon turned podcaster, Lord Jamar.

In recent months Lord Jamar has been critical of Eminem’s music. On at least a half dozen occasions Lord Jamar, who used to be a member of the group Brand Nubians, has said that Eminem’s music was “overrated.”

Well Eminem must have heard the Brand Nubian’s criticism. Because two nights ago, he fired a shot at Jamar – at his concert.

During a monologue, Eminem said jokingly, “I had a dream, that I was a f*cking nobody who sucked at rap. Do you know who I was Mr. Porter?”

His hype man Mr. Porter asked, “WHO?

Eminem responded, “Lord Jamar”


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