Eddie Murphy Reportedly Told Ex-Wife Nicole Murphy To Apologize For Kissing Antoine Fuqua

Nicole Murphy recently appeared on the Wendy Williams Show where she explained that her initial statement addressing kissing married director Antoine Fuqua did not come from her. The statement in question was reported by blogger B. Scott, who fired back following Nicole’s appearance on the talk show.

Now, seemingly angered by her alleged backtracking, B. Scott is divulging more reports on her ex-husband Eddie Murphy‘s reaction to the former model’s scandal.

As previously reported, B. Scott posted a screenshot of a text exchange between him and Nicole, where she reportedly said she and Fuqua were just “family friends” and had simply exchanged a “friendly hello” at the time they were photographed.

After accusing Nicole of doing “a complete 180” and allegedly lying about giving his blog her statement, B. Scott shared some more “exclusive” details — this time involving her comedian ex.

“When the pictures of Nicole and Antoine Fuqua kissing in Italy hit the internet, sources tell lovebscott.com that Eddie Murphy was ‘livid,'” his report reads. “He basically told Nicole that her homewrecking ways have negatively impacted their five children and he didn’t really know what to say to them. He then gave Nicole explicit instructions to ‘fix the s**t’ — or else.”

B. Scott further claimed that Eddie “felt like Nicole’s initial statement was so ridiculous” and no one would buy that she and Fuqua were “just ‘family friends.'”

“Considering Nicole’s lifestyle is primarily funded through Eddie’s income, she had no choice but to try and clean up her mess,” he ended his post.

Neither Eddie nor Nicole Murphy has responded to these claims.

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