Dumb Bit%h Alert..LORI HARVEY CITED FOR HIT & RUN IN BEV HILLS … Released On-Site

TMZ just got a hold of photos from the crash scene, and it looks like it was pretty dramatic. Lori’s G-Wagon got flipped over on its side completely, and attracted a big crowd of first-responders to help.

Lori herself was sitting down on a chair while talking to cops, and had a light being flashed on her while being questioned. It appears she was on her phone in this shot.

Clearly, she hit the other vehicle hard enough to topple her own SUV — and with that type of force … it’s kind of a miracle no one was seriously harmed. Scary stuff.

Lori Harvey allegedly smashed into another car and attempted to flee the scene, but cops nabbed her.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Lori was cited Sunday night for misdemeanor hit and run and delaying a police investigation in Bev Hills. Our sources say witnesses told responding officers they saw Lori texting and driving when she slammed into a Prius and tipped over her Mercedes G-Wagon on its side. Doesn’t sound like anyone was injured.

We’re told cops quickly showed up on the scene, and found Lori a short distance away … walking down the street. Our sources say she even FaceTimed her dad, Steve, at one point while dealing with officers.

We’re told Lori was not taken into custody — she got a ticket for the offenses and was free to go. Cops say alcohol was not a factor.

Hours earlier, Lori posted videos at Nobu in Malibu. All of this, of course, follows rumors that she and Diddy recently split, after folks noticed she stopped following him on IG.

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