Dumb Bit#h Alert..London On Da Track Chillingly Chokes Summer Walker

A video floating around the internet of Summer Walker anxiously asking her boyfriend London On Da Track to remove the grip he has on her neck has fans furious and concerned for her. The couple has been dating for a little over a year now and after examining the clip, fans are worried that the singer may be in an abusive relationship with the producer.

In the quick clip, London records Summer begging him to let her neck go. “Stop it hurts, it’s supposed to be sexy, it hurts”, she struggles to get out and he refuses until she says she loves him, “say you love me”. Even after she says it, he keeps gripping her neck for an extra few seconds.

Fans are questioning so many things in the clip, including why people are laughing in the background. They also want to know why London was sharing it in the first place. Questions aside, concerned people are using the clip to explain THIS seeming off thing about Summer recently…Gagging

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