Dumb Bit$h Alert..Lil Baby’s Baby Mama Jayda Cheaves Said ‘Babies Ruin Relationships’ And Got Clowned

Oh boy! Lil Baby’s baby mama Jayda Cheaves got clowned by strangers on the internet earlier this week after blaming her shaky relationship and single-motherdom on her own kid. We don’t know what prompted her comments but Jayda, 22, stated the conversation on her twitter page and reiterated while on an Instagram live session.

In the clip, the Instagram influencer starts by warning young girls to not have kids, period.

“I mean, be real with yourself. Do it look like I want more kids? I’m playing, but I said I’m not having another child until I get married. I stress to my best friend a hundred times a day, like, don’t have no baby.”

Jayda continues, adding that babies ruin relarionships.

Stay just f*ckin’ wit’ a n*gga. Don’t let that n*gga get you pregnant ’cause uh uh, don’t have a baby. I’m telling you. Don’t have a baby, have fun. I love my baby, don’t get me wrong, but like, they ruin relationships.”

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