Dumb Bitch Alert…Amina Buddafly On What Drew Her To Peter Gunz Even Though He Had A Girlfriend, Four Baby Mamas And Eight Kids When They Met

With all this isolating at home, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos just for the hell of it. Everything from understanding the behaviors of newborns to podcasts, old TV episodes and more can easily envelop my attention. In my searches, I was recommended by YouTube to watch an interview Amina Buddafly, formerly of Love and Hip Hop New York, did with Shannon Mack T.V. right before the new year. In it, she talked about her past, including her old relationship with Peter Gunz, and how she’s adjusting to co-parenting since she’s moved to California and he’s stayed behind in New York. At one point in the conversation, Amina was asked the golden question of what drew her to Peter in the first place. Even she could barely explain the appeal of the 51-year-old father of 10 (who had eight kids and four baby mothers when they met, as well as a long-term girlfriend in Tara Wallace).

It’s something that you can’t explain. I’ve said this a few times in interviews, it’s like, until you hang out with him for a day, you wouldn’t understand.”

When asked if it was his personality, the 36-year-old said, it was, in part.

“A lot of it, his personality and everything else,” she said. “He’s just, a great person and one of my favorite people I ever met, I still say that, but he’s just not somebody that can be with one woman. He’s not a good husband.”

Surprisingly, she divulged that the two were still married, but wrapping things up when it comes to their legal standing as husband and wife.

“We’re finally finalizing the divorce,” she said. “It’s taken years but it’s because we have not been on top of it. But we’re both on the same page and he’s got somebody new.”

Things could be better, though. Amina has been parenting alone after, as previously mentioned, opting to move to California with she and Peter’s two daughters, Cori and Bronx. She admits he could do a lot more to be there for his daughters, not even just physically, but she somewhat blames herself for that.

I decided to have kids with somebody that already had eight other kids,” she said. “It was [a red flag], but being in love, I just love so hard. So it’s like, I was just blind. I did not care. And I have to say, we didn’t plan the kids. It just happened and it was what it was. Afterwards I’m like, who’s really at fault. I had to look at myself because I could have chosen someone else to have kids with who maybe would have been around. But things happen and you’ve got to make the best of it. That’s why I don’t complain; but it’s still hard. I’m not going to act like everything’s great. I complain to him sometimes when I feel he could do more and do better. He knows. We have our arguments, but I just, I was the one who decided to move all the way to California, so obviously if I was still on the east coast he would be around more.”

All that being said though, you can’t get Amina to talk bad about Peter. In a new interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, she said they’re still close, and she’s fond of him as a person.

We are good. I consider him a friend. We co-parent. I tell people all the time that out of everyone I’ve been with, I am happy I had children with him,” she said. “Peter is an amazing person. He’s just not a good partner.”

Amina and Peter wed in 2013. She initially filed for divorce in 2018.

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