Dr. Umar Johnson Had A Kobe Bryant Conspiracy Theory And Twitter Is FINALLY Ready To Cancel Him

Dr. Umar Johnson is one of the biggest hotep overlord clown black men we have left. He is always spouting conspiracy theories. Remember the idea that Meek Mill was freed so that Bill Cosby could go to jail? Exactly. 

Well now he seems to believe that Kobe Bryant’s death was all about a conspiracy based on a lawsuit with a pharmaceutical company. Really? Is it Pfizer? Is it a billion-dollar corporation? No, it’s gas station pills. Really?

I swear to God i HATE hoteps. When are y’all gonna stop listening to Dr. Umar Johnson this man really just put out a whole ass conspiracy about kobe’s death and i can’t

Umar Johnson is saying that Kobe Bryant was murdered by “them”. Probably the same “them” that got Bill Cosby out of here because he was about to buy NBC. This shit is goofy and I’m annoyed.

Dr Umar Johnson said they killed Kobe over gas station sex pills. We gotta get bro some help

It’s 2020. Keep Dr Umar Johnson off my TL. I don’t want to hear conspiracy theory about the death of Kobe. I dont want to hear anything that comes out of his mouth.

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