DMX’s Family Feuds Over Estate Worth Less Than $1 Million

Word On The Curb…Desiree Lindstrom recently applied to be legally declared DMX’s common-law wife. A judge denied the request, which might have secured her more control over the rapper’s assets and future earnings than his 15 children. Five of his adult children were already fighting amongst themselves in court since May, just a few weeks after the funeral.

DMX did not have a written will or established estate. His daughters Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden petitioned the court to become administrators of his estate. Shortly after that his sons Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean Simmons petitioned the court separately to be the estate administrators instead. Despite the Ruff Ryders rapper’s incredible career including 20 movies and more than 74 million records sold, the sons’ filing estimates the estate is worth less than $1 million and the daughters estimated less than $50,000.

In addition to financial struggles from decades of drug addiction and supporting 15 children in 9 households, the IRS reportedly imposed a tax lien on DMX for $663,554.55 and in 2018 he was convicted for $1.7 million of tax fraud. Millions of mourning fans streaming classic DMX albums and new posthumously released album Exodus may provide a much-needed financial boost as the legal fight continues.

A judge will review the rivaling petitions and determine the estate administrators on July 15.

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