DJ Khaled Shows Off Longer Grey Hair And Beard While In Quarantine

Dj Khaled just joined the apparently growing list of male celebrities who have been showing off their grey hair while in quarantine, unable to go and dye it. The DJ and producer was not shy when it came to showing his followers his new hair ‘color’ that he now has no choice but rock.

But that was not his only hair related problem! Khaled also complained about his hair getting a little too long at this point.

The musician obviously cannot wait to get a haircut but at this time, it’s still unclear when he’ll be able to, given the circumstances.

Earlier today, he posted a before and after comparison of his hairstyle and it really looks like he hasn’t touched it since in isolation at home.

Some other celebs have been more daring and have been experimenting with their hairstyles during this time but it seems like the DJ would rather wait until the pandemic passes.

The pic on the left showed his usual faded hairstyle and trimmed beard while the one on the right, which is the most recent, shows him with salt and pepper facial hair and longer than usual hair on his head, also starting to show signs of sprouting grey strands.

While Khaled would want to risk it all and invite a barber at his house to work on him, his family is against it.

THEY DONT WANT ME TO GET A HAIRCUT SMH ! I will get haircut I will figure it out soon lol ? Quarantine alert ?,’ he wrote in the caption.

He went on to joke that he will even get the barber a ‘space suit’ to stay safe of the COVID-19, adding ‘I NEED MY BEARD ? OIL ! Lol !’

Khaled previously debuted his grey hair in another pic with his wife Nicole Tuck, their 3-year-old son Asahd, and baby boy, Aalam yesterday.

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