Diddy Speaks About Depression And Shares An Uplifting Message For Fans In 2020

Diddy spoke about depression more than once and he’s doing this again in the New Year. He shared a video in which he’s sending an uplifting message for his fans. You can also check out the clip below.

People are showing a lot of appreciation and support in the comments.

Someone said: ‘Depression is a horrible thing I swear. I don’t like to see people go through it,’ and another follower posted this: ‘Ok but is he having a party tonite, even tho I’m not invited.’

One other commenter said: ‘I needed to hear this thank you trying to get myself out of this depression,’ and another fan said: ‘In 2020 let’s stop reaching out to people you got no business reaching out to. ?’

One fan wrote: ‘There’s no money in this world that can replace love and happiness,’ and someone else said: ‘I tell my self that every day “God won’t put nothing on you, you can’t bear”’

A follower highlighted that ‘depression isn’t easy, God bless him and anyone else that’s going through it.’

Other than this, just the other day, Diddy showed some love to his son Justin Combs and wished him a Happy Birthday on social media in order to mark the event online as well.

‘Everyone help me wish my son @princejdc a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ Diddy captioned his post.

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