The rapper found out one day prior that he had to go under the knife.

Diddy shared a series of Instagram Stories from his hospital bed as he prepared to undergo surgery on Friday, February 21. The music mogul explained why he was going under the knife in the clips, and he also apologized to his fans for being unable to make it to his scheduled appearance at Midway in San Francisco, California.

Diddy, 50, got his leg shaved by nurses as he awaited an operation on his quadricep. “If you guys are wondering where I’m at, I’m about to get surgery on my quad. I just found out yesterday, they squeezed me in for today. I need to say to everybody in San Francisco, I won’t be able to make it tonight. Pray for ya boy, I’m gonna see you all next time and make it up y’all. Everyone at Midway, sorry I couldn’t make it,” Diddy said in the footage.

In a subsequent video, the Bad Boy Records founder revealed that his clumsiness has led to injuries on multiple occasions. “Hey what’s up guys, I have a confession to make. Um, I… I’m probably one of — I used to be not any more — one of the most accident prone people in the world. Yes, I’m accident prone… I’m clumsy, I trip, I fall, I fall in holes. It’s always been like that. This is my fourth surgery in two years. I’ve had two rotator cuffs, a knee replacement, and now it’s on quad. At the end of the day this is God’s work to slow me down and take better care of body and ya know, eat right and just stop treating my body like a machine,” he divulged.

This is just the latest challenge Diddy has had to face this past year. He recently admitted that he suffered through a dark depression in 2019 after the sudden death of his ex Kim Porter. “For a whole year, I would have to say, I went through like a real state of dark depression. I’m telling y’all this because I had so many people to help me, to help lift me up. There’s so many people that are dealing with depression. Nobody is immune to it. It doesn’t matter how much money you have [or] how much success you have. Depression is at an all-time high and even I’ve experienced the s**t. 2019 was the year where I honestly felt like I wanted to give up,” he told fans in an Instagram video.

Diddy posted a heartfelt tribute to Kim on the anniversary of her death in November. He shared a video of Kim playing the piano and expressed how he wished she was still with him and their children. “I MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. So much . Every time I get sad I look at this video and it brings a smile to my face. I THANK GOD FOR THE PRECIOUS TIME HE ALLOWED US TO HAVE WITH YOU. I WISH YOU WERE HERE WITH US RIGHT NOW AND THIS WAS ALL A DREAM. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON THAT WISH. NEVER!!! Love you forever Kimberly Antwinette Goodwin Porter,” he wrote.

Diddy has tried to move since Kim’s passing. He dated Lori Harvey for months before they quietly split in October 2019 and she unfollowed him on Instagram

Rumors recently circulated online that he was dating the late Nipsey Hussle‘s girlfriend Lauren London, but Lauren was quick to shut down the speculation on social media. “Stop f**ckin’ playing with me and my name. Now, let me get back to healing. I’m all love and peace but never forget, I’m a woman in grief. I don’t play about Nip, my family, my character and code. [I’m] about to drink a green juice to start the day though,” Lauren wrote on February 20

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