Did Jeezy Snowman Slide Into His Ex Jasmine Sanders’ DMs Just Weeks After Proposing To SumYoungHoe?!

For most of us, quarantining has meant gaining a few pounds and not making contact with other humans for two months. For Jeezy and Jeannie Mai, quarantining has been a little different, with the couple starting their lockdown with an engagement.

The Real cohost and her rapper beau have looked madly in love since the day they started dating; After a lot of speculation, the couple went public with their relationship back in August of 2019–and less than a year later, they’ve committed to spending the rest of their life together.

But, while Jeezy is quarantined with Jeannie and her mother, he’s being accused of hitting up an old fling on Instagram only weeks after getting engaged. The allegations first began to fly after model Jasmine Sanders took to Twitter to expose an ex-boyfriend who slid into her DMs in two now-deleted tweets.

She tweeted, “If we ‘talked’ and you have ‘moved on’ … MOVE ON… stop checking on me. Cuz I’m just sitting here laughing.”

Her venting continued in another tweet, writing, “You gone regret hitting me up. Trust. It’s quarantine- I got time to hit you with the facts. Like- ‘how’s your girlfriend? does your fiance know you sliding in dms- CHILL’ You got the Wrong one.”

Later, she hopped on Instagram to share a picture along with a similar caption, writing, “I check all my DMs and yes I deleted yours..”

So, why do fans think Sanders is talking about Jeezy?

The pair dated briefly back in 2011, which would explain the “talked” in Jasmine’s tweet, implying their relationship wasn’t very serious. But of course, the biggest red flag here is that the model mentions the man in her DMs having a fiancée. When we look at Sanders’ dating history: Terrence J, Kelly Oubre, Jr., Nick Cannon…none are engaged, except for Jeezy.

Right now this is all just speculation, but you have to think the ex Jasmine was talking about is famous, otherwise she wouldn’t have tried to put them on blast for all the world to see. Whether or not Jeezy was sneaking around and hitting up old flames is still to be determined.

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