Deion Sanders Discusses His Relationship & Fallout With Nike

It seems anyone who wants more than just a one-time paycheck from Nike ends up feuding with the company and ending up in a fallout. Way before the Kanye West fallout and Yeezus rants bashing Nike, there was the legend Primetime himself, Deion Sanders. Deion was in California for Complex’s annual “ComplexCon” when he had an appearance on the show “Full Size Run.”

The episode was probably the highlight of the show as Deion told his story from College to pro to now. The story was focused on mainly sneakers as the show name would suggest and Deion expressed frustration with Nike for lack of creative input.

You ARE NOT just going to give me a show to put on then expect me to wear it,” said Primetime.

If you know anything about Pdmetime on the field and off everything was custom and tailored. He even explained how he ultimately ended up at Under Armor with him by chance meeting an up & coming entrepreneur by the name of Kevin Plank. At the time, he was trying to make his company come to fruition when he met Sanders and gave him armbands to wear on the field. To keep it real Sanders sent him a check as a thank you even though the product was free and Plank described that as a defining moment in the future of Under Armor describing it as the moment “they arrived.” 

Fast forward to 2019 Sanders is on team Under Armor alongside Steph Curry, Kanye and Pharrell have elevated Adidas to the second biggest game in town, and brands like Converse have the likes of artist such as Tyler The Creator. Long gone are the days of Nike being the only game in town.

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