Damon Dash Says He Wants $50 Mill Sex Assault Case Thrown Out; Claims He Wasn’t Properly Served

Damon Dash is firing back in a $50 million lawsuitaccusing him of molesting a photographer under his pregnant girlfriend’s nose and then stealing her copyrighted photos.

The music mogul turned filmmaker filed court papers this week that said he intends to ask the courts to dismiss Monique Bunn’s federal lawsuit against him due to a lack of service. Dash’s lawyer contends that Bunn never properly served him with the lawsuit, and sent her complaint to an unmonitored postal service mailbox – which would invalidate her lawsuit.

Bunn sued Dash, his girlfriend and business partner Raquel Horn and their company the day after Christmas last year for negligence, civil assault and sexual battery and demanded $50 million. Bunn, an acclaimed photographer, said an intoxicated Dash exposed himself to her and fondled her private parts during a work trip in LA last year, and then tried to placate her by falsely claiming that he had a deal with WeTV to produce a documentary about her.

Bunn said Dash and Horn have failed to return her personal computer, hard drive with photos from her 20-year career and other personal effects that she left at their studio.

Bunn said she’s lost work opportunities because of Dash and Horn’s behavior. But she said she’s most concerned about the couple allegedly holding hard drives that contain about 100,000 of her photos from over the years, which she estimates cost about $500 per photo, hence the $50 million figure in the lawsuit.

The photographer said Dash went one step further and published at least one of her copyrighted photos on his Instagram account, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

Dash is being repped by veteran attorney Xavier Donaldson, who served as counsel for Stevie J as he battled a $1 million back child support case in federal court.

The news comes as Bunn’s lawyer moved for a default judgment against the former Roc-A-Fella Records CEO, arguing that Dash and Horn had failed to respond to the case. The judge gave scheduled a hearing for this spring to appear and explain why the court shouldn’t go forward with the judgment.

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