Dame Dash Flips Out On Lawyer During Lawsuit Deposition!!

A video of Dame Dash flipping out on a lawyer during a lawsuit deposition is making the rounds on Twitter.

In the video, Dame is seen blasting a lawyer named Chris Brown, who he called a “culture vulture.”

“This doesn’t give you control,” a frustrated Dash told Brown. “It gives you no power, it just makes you look stupid. I’ mma ruin you as a lawyer, you’ll never be a lawyer again, I bet you, I’m gonna make you famous. I’m just giving you rope to hang yourself. You gon’ be in a whole other courtroom, in a whole other place for your frivolous lawsuit.”

He continued: “I’m sick of people from my culture trying to actually rob another man from this culture. I’m disgusted with people like this!! Yeah, I said it, punk!! He’ll sell his whole culture out for a dollar.”

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