He’s Damn Outta Get Outta Get Outta Jail Free Cards…

DaBaby brutally assaulted a fan Saturday night as he made his way to the stage, and the crowd was so enraged at him the show ended before it began.

The rapper was at Whiskey North in Tampa for his “Up Close N Personal” tour when a woman waved her phone in his direction, presumably to get a pic. Check out the video … you see DaBaby unload on her.

Folks at the concert tell TMZ … after the initial shock subsided, the crowd started booing the rapper. DaBaby and his crew left without performing a single song.

He went on his Instagram story to share a video of the incident, saying, “who know shawty government name so my lawyer can get active.”

Cops showed up — responding to a 911 assault call — but no arrests were made.

DaBaby’s had his share of problems recently. He was recently accused of beating up and robbing a guy in Miami. The battery charges were dropped but he’s still under the microscope for robbery — he allegedly jacked the guy’s cellphone, credit card and cash.

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2 thoughts on “DABABY VICIOUSLY SLAPS WOMAN AT CONCERT … Fans Boo Rapper Out Of Venue

    1. Damn Queen khia told him to go out and fuck hoes! Not punch the hoes! ?
      Dababy will learn one day.

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