DaBaby Reveals What REALLY Happened During His Altercation With A Beverly Hills Hotel Employee

DaBaby took to Instagram this weekend to let his fans know why he decided to confront a hotel employee.

On Saturday, TMZ published footage of the rapper slamming a man up against the wall before him and his crew gave him a stern talking to. This isn’t really anything out of the ordinary–it seems like we see videos of DaBaby roughing someone up every other day now–but some fans were disappointed, thinking his temper could start to get in the way of his flourishing career.

That’s why the “BOP” rapper went straight to social media in an effort to explain why his actions from the video were necessary.

In a number of slides, DaBaby goes into detail explaining that the employee approached him and asked to record a video of him while he was holding his 2-year-old daughter. When DaBaby said no, the worker walked to the other side of the parking lot and still proceeded to recorded him.

When the rapper saw this, he confronted the worker, which it what was captured on the hotel’s security camera. Not only that, he also slammed the Beverly Hills Hotel for providing TMZ with footage of the incident.

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