DaBaby taketh, and DaBaby giveth right back — at least that’s what one ecstatic fan learned when she ran into him at a gas station and freaked the hell out.

Alexandria Coleman tells TMZ … the rapper hooked her and her friends up with free tickets to a makeup show — one they kinda got the shaft on, originally.

Long story short, Alexandria says she was supposed to catch DaBaby in D.C. last weekend, but because of his ‘SNL’ appearance, it got bumped to Sunday night — which sold out before she could score seats.

So, how’s this for a stroke of luck? Alexandria ran into DB by total chance at a gas station as she was driving from D.C. back to Albany, NY. The run-in went kinda as you’d expect — panicked, but also gleeful.

DaBaby and his team — whom we’re told were already recording some shenanigans — noticed her pure excitement, and captured most of it on camera. You gotta see the moment they finally came face-to-face in an aisle … and he ended up cradled in her arms.

They don’t call him DaBaby for nothin’.

Alexandria tells us his team promised to get them into the sold-out D.C. show — and come the day of the show, we’re told he snuck them in through the back for the best seats in the house.

Just goes to show ya … screaming a celeb’s name, and making a big fuss MIGHT actually pay off. Or, you could be tackled by a bodyguard. So … proceed at your own risk.

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