DaBaby Gets Handful Of Female Fans Booty On Stage, Then This Happened

DaBaby is back at it with his usual shenanigans on stage. 

Just this week, a viral video online led us to think Chris Brown’s concerts were wild, but DaBaby seems to be out doing Breezy. During one of his performances in Los Angeles, California, the rapper invited one of his fans to join him on stage. When the natural afro beauty obliged, the wild antics began. DaBaby first leaped into the woman’s arms like a toddler and wrapped his short legs around her waist as she hugged him. When he disembarked her person, she attempted to leave the stage, but much to conservatives’ dismay, DaBaby had not had his fill.

The rapper stopped her and said, “Before you go down, can I smack you?” The woman then conceded with her body language but the cautious Interscope Records artiste quickly advised her that he needs her consent to be spoken not gestured. After the zealous fan said yes over the microphone and started twerking in anticipation of DaBaby’s palm greeting her jiggling cheeks, the rapper positioned the young woman’s rear to the perfect angle center stage where he slightly moaned before slapping her behind and grinning to the crowd.

DaBaby also hit another woman’s rear-end earlier this week when he accidentally ran into a fan’s vehicle at a traffic light. I have to say, the man seems to be pretty dedicated to avoiding lawsuits as he promptly recorded the exchange and ensured that he got the fan’s word that there were no damages before he left the scene. Coincidentally, the “Suge” rapper was the artist on playback blasting through the young woman’s car speakers when he rear-ended her. She said, “Good thing I had your song on, it’s the only reason,” the young lady said before leaving.

Whether it’s his wild antics at his concerts or random run-ins with cool fans, people are definitely starting to look to DaBaby for these random entertaining moments.

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