DaBaby & DaBaby Mama MeMe Still Pretending To Be Going Strong Despite Spat Over His Secret Seed

Rapper DaBaby and the mother of his two kids, MeMe, have chosen to work things out despite airing out their relationship drama in the public recently.

In a video, a clearly upset MeMe had accused DaBaby of having a child on the way with another woman. Hours later, DaBaby did confirm to concerned fans that he does have a baby on the way and claims the child was conceived when he and MeMe were on a break from their relationship. The identity of the other woman is still a mystery, but it’s assumed that she is someone from their home state of North Carolina.

Fast forward, MeMe is updating concerned fans who were worried about the status of their courtship. She says they are still a couple.

Previously, MeMe didn’t really stand in the spotlight but now she seems ready to step it up. She’s a professional barber and now she’s modeling on IG…

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