The woman who DaBaby struck over the weekend has lawyered up, and it sounds like they’re ready to have a chat with DB.

Attorney Matt Morgan tells TMZ … “Morgan & Morgan has been retained to represent the interests of Tyronesha Laws. Ms. Laws has received DaBaby’s Instagram message. We look forward to speaking Mr. Kirk.”

Yeah, you know it’s serious when government names start getting thrown around. Luckily, DaBaby’s already made it clear he’s more than ready to talk.

12:09 PM PT — DaBaby just issued a mea culpa to the woman he hit, implying he thought the gal was a dude … and couldn’t tell the difference because she was shining a light on his face at incredibly close range.

He goes on to acknowledge he was wrong in any case, noting that having flashing lights in your face is part of the biz and something he signed up for when he got in the game. That said, he offers an alternative to bopping him with a phone for next time … zoom mode.

It also sounds like DB is trying to get ahead of possible coming repercussions for this, sending a message directly the woman, that he’s willing to apologize and talk privately … and make things right by whatever means necessary.

10:46 AM PT — Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the victim in this case told cops that DaBaby got the wrong person when he smacked her, because she explained it was the woman next to her who had hit DaBaby first — but received none of the retaliation.

We’re also told when deputies arrived on the scene, DB had already left the venue. Our sources say the officers who responded did not notice visible injuries on the victim, and we’re told she refused EMS attention when asked if she needed treatment.

Lastly … our sources say this gal was given a form she can submit to the State Attorney’s Office if she wants to press charges and pursue the case further. Unclear if she plans to do that or not though.

DaBaby brutally assaulted a fan Saturday night as he made his way to the stage, and the crowd was so enraged at him the show ended before it began.

The rapper was at Whiskey North in Tampa for his “Up Close N Personal” tour when a woman waved her phone in his direction, presumably to get a pic. Check out the video … you see DaBaby unload on her.

Folks at the concert tell TMZ … after the initial shock subsided, the crowd started booing the rapper. DaBaby and his crew left without performing a single song. Check out the strike from a different angle too, BTW. It’s a straight up open palm slap across the face.

You can hear people shriek in horror as DB calmly walks away, and the crowd around the woman bend over to help her. Eerily to similar to another incident DaBaby’s bodyguard was involved in back in September … when the guy KO’d a girl, whom he thought was a guy.

Now, DaBaby has spoken on this. He went on his Instagram story to share a video of the incident, saying, “who know shawty government name so my lawyer can get active.”

Cops showed up — responding to a 911 assault call — but no arrests were made.

DaBaby’s had his share of problems recently. He was recently accused of beating up and robbing a guy in Miami. The battery charges were dropped but he’s still under the microscope for robbery — he allegedly jacked the guy’s cellphone, credit card and cash.

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