DaBaby Admitting That He Has A Baby On The Way Has Twitter In Shambles

It was all good a week ago. DaBaby was posting a video of his baby momma rubbing his feet on IG and it looked like some real love going on. On Tuesday,MeMe, the mother of his kid, posted a series of text messages from DaBaby to some mystery woman with accusations that he got her pregnant. Did we mention there are rumors that MeMe’s pregnant too?!

Da North Carolina rapper had this to say: “When my new-coming blessing was conceived, me and shawty was not together, shawty was not with me, living with me, was not f**** with me in any way, shape, or form

So DaBaby DOES have a baby on the way but he and his boo weren’t together? Hmmm….Twitter is Twitter finger flipping through the news and offering jokes and heartbreak. Peep the comedy.

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