DA Fuck…Bernie Sanders Tells Black Student To Respect Police To No Get Shot

Been there. Done that. Got the toe tag to prove it. Damn Saltines…

Bernie Sanders was on the campaign trail at South Carolina HBCU Benedict College when he was asked by a male student what advice he would give him about dealing with the pigs cops if he were the senator’s son.

The answer that Sanders gave was tone deaf, out-of-touch, and frankly, insulting. 

Did he really just tell that young Black man to…respect…the police to keep from being shot?

Hey, Bernie, do you know how many videos we’ve seen of Black people who were showing “respect” to the bacon-scented officers who subsequently shot dead for absolutely no reason? There are many, many, many names but Philando Castile comes to the top of mind. He was showing the offending officer inordinate respect by notifying him of the legally registered weapon that was inside of his vehicle. We’d direct you to speak to Philando yourself, but, well, he’s dead. 

Maybe try not to be a complete d-bag if you want to be President in 2020. In That Order!

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