Da Baby Accidentally Hits A Woman’s Car At A Traffic Light

On Wednesday, Da Baby took to social media to share that the car he was riding in had accidentally hit another driver’s car while they were at a traffic light.

He shared the moment with his followers to show the woman some love, but also to use the video as evidence to prove everything thing was alright within that moment. In the video, the woman can be seen saying that there was no damage made to her vehicle, and he even offered to give her money just in case.

Nonetheless, the woman said everything was fine, and ironically, she had been listening to his music in her car, which definitely helped to diffuse the moment.

Da Baby said to his camera as the woman walked back to her car, “I got that proof. Ain’t no damage. This really for court baby. I appreciate you. Sh*t a n*gga have insurance, but this really for court.”

He proceeded to show the back of the woman’s car to prove there was no damage done.

Now we all know in the past, Da Baby has had his fair share of being sued by fans, so it is definitely understandable why he recorded the encounter, although it turned into a moment of him meeting a fan of his music.

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