Cynthia Bailey’s ‘Hustle and Glow’ Wows Fans

Cynthia Bailey continues to wow fans with her youthful appearance.

The star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” gave fans a glimpse of a new look for the intro of the upcoming season of “RHOA.” Serving face at the camera, the models flipped her blond hair behind her and struck a pose.

hustle & glow,” read the simple caption Bailey used to accompany the clip.
Her glowy appearance can largely be credited to makeup artist Alexandra Butler, who gussied up the star for the shoot that happened on Aug. 19 for “RHOA.”

“She makes working with her one of the easiest jobs around, ONE because she’s so damn beautiful I could smear mud on her face and she would still serve face and make you want mud on yo damn face… but TWO because she is a really good person, she’s easygoing, and we LAAAAAAAUUUGGGGHHH to the point of tears… Love working with you babes,” Butler gushed of Bailey on her own Instagram page before urging her followers to “get into that highlight!!!!”

Fans did just that and fawned over Bailey’s looks, which seem to defy her 52 years of age.

You are PERFECTION!!! 50 who!????????????? COME THRU”

“What is your skin regime, flawless ?????”

“Girl the cheekbones are to die for! #slayallday”

“The glow is poppin! ??”

“???LAWD I’m soooooo team you This season and it hasn’t even started yet!”

“Okay ? She’s all smizingly cute and stuff. ?”

Bailey’s skin and looks may be all the rage to fans now, but it’s her relationship that will be the focus of her storyline on “RHOA” season 12. 

The reality star is currently engaged to Fox Sports 1 newscaster Mike Hill, who proposed in front of Bravo cameras in July. And while that sweet moment will be shared with viewers, there will also be some tension showcased between the lovebirds.

“You had sexual affairs and this person is in my face all the time,” Hill is seen telling Bailey who is shown storming out of her home in the trailer.

Speaking on the podcast “It’s Bravo Betch,” Hill saidviewers will “see everything — the good, the bad, indifferent, the in-between” of his and Bailey’s courtship.

He added he and Bailey even had their “worst arguement” on camera and that the couple has “gone through some things.”

We’ve gone through counseling so you’ll see that. In the end, there’s ups and downs and highs and lows, but relationships work when you work at the relationships,” Hill said.

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