Cynthia Bailey Debuts a Bangin’ New Bob Haircut: “Just Cut It All Off”

Of all the many hairstyles Cynthia Bailey pulls off effortlessly (pigtails included!), we have to say that we love how The Real Housewives of Atlanta stunner looks with bangs. Doesn’t matter if it’s blunt, thick blonde fringe or long, side-swept strands she can sweep across her forehead, we love it all.

Now we’re seeing a whole new chop with bangs on Cynthia, who just celebrated her 53rd birthday on February 19. Although Cynthia just “went in for a wash, deep conditioning & trim,” she must have had some sort of burst of inspiration when chatting with hairstylist Gail Hudson, because she came out with an entirely new hairstyle instead! On February 20, Cynthia debuted a short layered bob and equally choppy, wispy bangs grazing her eyebrows. Can we just say how fierce this haircut looks on Cynthia?

“That ‘just cut it all off’ moment!” Cynthia wrote on Instagram. Those moments can happen when you’re sitting in the salon chair.

Cynthia’s hairstylist added about Cynthia’s new look: “I love it when my customers take a wig/weave break. Healthy Hair 1st.”

These bangs are perfection, but there’s just one question: Will this be Cynthia’s weddinghair style?

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