Considering Her Own Rocky Road To Marriage, Bambi Shouldn’t Tell Other Women What It Takes To Become A Wife

So I was this close to writing something about how crazy like Sierra Gates are. How do you assault the one friend and witness you have for an assault case? Make that make sense. But then I got distracted after I heard a comment I couldn’t ignore.

In the last 10 minutes or so of episode three of Monday night’s Love and Hip Hop AtlantaBambi and Scrappy met up with Joc and Shekinah to make it clear that they wouldn’t ever be involved with LightSkinKeisha and her man Coca Vango. Bambi was holding a grudge for her friend, who used to date Coca, and Bambi accused LightSkinKeisha of being a “hood squirrel” who stole the man away. Though Keisha and Coca certainly seem to be serious, a confident Bambi took to her confessional to make it plain that how you get a man is how you lose them, and Keisha would “never” be a wife. Bambi, who has been married to Scrappy since 2017, felt she was speaking from good experience since she has a ring on her finger.

“You’re never going to be a wife, because you’re going about sh-t the wrong way,” she said. “He’s going to f–k you over like he did the last chick.”

That’s when my eyes rolled almost out of my head.

If there’s one thing that is super annoying, it’s people who have reached what some consider an important social marker in life and then assume everyone else wants it and needs their guidance on how to make it happen. And while she would say that Keisha got her partner by stealing him from someone else, which the young woman denies, the same accusations were once made of Bambi. One could say Bambi’s road to marriage wasn’t necessarily filled with the “right” choices either.

She started dating Scrappy, riding up to his house on a bicycle, around the time he was going back and forth with former fiancée and baby mother Erica Dixon. She supported him through a marijuana addiction, including a stint at rehab for it, and her reward was finding out that Scrappy was not completely over Erica. As was revealed during the Season 3 reunion in 2014, he was going back and forth between both women, and another friend, Erica Pinkett.

“I have a question though. We finna take this sh-t all the way back,” Erica Dixon said after Bambi said Erica Pinkett wanted to be Scrappy’s sidechick so bad. “Bambi why you so pressed when you was quick to f–k him when we was engaged? So you know what it’s like to be in her shoes.”

To make matters worse, Erica Dixon pulled out a receipt to show that she and Scrappy had recently met up at a swanky hotel in Atlanta and he, well, gave her some head. He took a lie detector test to prove his innocence, and failed. It was pretty embarrassing.

From there, Bambi was in the midst of Scrappy’s co-parenting drama with Erica, which she seemingly influenced. The couple also called it quits multiple times, including in 2017, a year after getting engaged, when she claimed he would front/lie for TV cameras and his lifestyle was “unstable.” Later that year though, they were married.

On the flipside, when we got to learn more about Keisha’s relationship at the beginning of Monday night’s episode, she and Coca seem to be more than just romantic partners, They do YouTube videos together as “The Vangos,” they are both in the music industry and do business together as well. She also talked about how happy she was that the pair had secured their first home together. When she inquired if the next step for them would be marriage, though he didn’t want to be pressured, Coca told her he definitely wanted marriage and kids with her.

“I want to marry you,” he said, “it just gotta be the right time.”

Her response was that she was fine with waiting, which makes sense when you consider she’s only 25 and at the very beginning stages of her music career.  And while no one truly knows the facts surrounding how she and Coca got together, they don’t seem to be going about what seems to be a stable relationship very “wrong” to me.

I say all that to state that while it’s great that Bambi is happily married and growing her family, it doesn’t make her superior to women who aren’t,. People can be in thriving, happy relationships, sometimes happier than marriages, and be just fine whether they make it down the aisle or not. Her own journey to holy matrimony wasn’t the smoothest, and according to Erica, it didn’t start off “the right way” whether she knew it or not. With that being said, she should probably descend from her high horse. And again, considering the situation with Coca and Keisha had to do with her friend Amy (or Amee?) and not her, she might want to mind her married business.

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