COMMON wants to meet with Suspended Teacher … TO DROP BLACKFACE KNOWLEDGE ON HIM!!!

Common says it’s despicable a white teacher dressed up as him — in blackface, mind you — and adds he just might tell him so … in person!!!

We got the rapper and actor Thursday at LAX and he had A LOT to say about the teacher who’s since been suspended by the Milpitas Unified School District, just north of San Jose. If you haven’t seen it … the video is shocking for, if nothing else, the lack of judgment the teacher showed.

As luck would have it, Common says he’s heading to the Bay Area, and seems dead serious about possibly going to the school to attempt to link up with the teacher.

Common would love a face-to-face with him, but says it would have to be a very REAL convo … not a photo op. He’s got some tough questions for the guy, some of which he shared with our photog.

A student posted the video of her teacher, shot on Halloween, as he imitated Common’s Microsoft artificial intelligence commercial. He’s now on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Common says it’s up to the district to decide the teacher’s fate. But, get this … Common says he’s actually glad this whole incident happened … and tells us why.

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