College Basketballer Teshaun Hightower Arrested On Murder Charges In Metro Atlanta

It’s always a shame when a talented young person throws their life and potential away on foolishness.

Former University-of-Georgia-turned-Tulane-University basketball player Teshaun Hightower has been arrested on murder charges stemming from a shooting in the Stockbridge area of metropolitan Atlanta according to the AJC.

Hightower is said to be one of 7 men who pulled up to North Park at Eagle’s Landing on April 8 to confront the man he would allegedly kill. Prior to the pull up a man named Tyreek Farmer, presumably, a friend or family member of Teshaun’s had been punched and pistol-whipped by Devontae Long.

Cops say Teshaun and the boys caught Devontae in the hallway of the ‘partments and shot him in front of his girlfriend who then ran back in the house to hide. She told police she saw:

“(The woman) said Teshaun pulled out a turquoise and black handgun out of his pocket,” the warrant states. “(She) ran into the apartment and hid behind the wall next to the door.”

Cops rounded up this crew QUICK

With Hightower’s arrest, five of the suspects are now in custody. Hightower, his brother Jeffrey Hightower, Farmer, Tobias Gresham and Antonie Gresham all face murder, aggravated assault and weapons charges in connection with the shooting, according to police.

Tulane immediately cut Teshaun from the team when news broke.

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