Ciara Says Russell Wilson Wants EIGHT Precious Liddo Babies Together

If you leave it up to Russell Wilson, Ciara will be having more than ‘Yummy’ all in her tummy! The superstar opened up in a recent interview with EXTRA about her and hubby Russell Wilson’s 3rd anniversary trip to to Fiji and HIS wishes to have a family bigger than the Brady Bunch!

On Their Fiji Trip:

She told “Extra” Special Correspondent Carlos Greer, “Yes, we were in Fiji. I was thinking about South Africa. We went to South Africa the year before, which was our official honeymoon because we didn’t get to do a proper one after we got married, but we did go to Fiji… and that was really fun! It was a short, quick trip for us, but really good.”

On Having More Kids

Oh, you know, if you ask him, we’re talking eight babies… you know, we’ll just go one day at a time, but I definitely do look forward to having more kids… we got time for that.”

What is this thing with men wanting a GANG of kids? Do they not realize that pregnancy is not the easiest thing for most women? We guess the Wilsons definitely have a budget for a whole BUNCH of babies and we already know they make beautiful kids so we’re wishing them a very fertile future! No pun intended.

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