Ciara and Russell Wilson to Donate a Million Meals to Seattle Food Bank

*Ciara and Russell Wilson are lending a helping hand to folks in need amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The couple announced in a video shared on their social media pages on Tuesday that they will donate a million meals to a local food bank during the viral outbreak, PEOPLE reports. 

In the clip, Wilson notes that COVID-19 is “changing the world second by second, minute by minute,” saying, “People are losing loved ones. The elderly and the young. The people in between. You think about people losing jobs — even in Seattle.”

The NFL star added, “What we’ve decided to do is partner up with our local food bank in Seattle,Seattle Food LifeLine, and we’re gonna donate a million meals [and] hopefully make a difference.”

“We want to encourage everyone out there to join us in whatever way that you can, big or small. Everything makes a difference. Everything that we do together makes a difference,” Ciara said.

“Together, we will conquer this tough time we are going through,” she added, to which Wilson said, “We will.”

They concluded by encouraging fans to “keep the faith” and “practice social distancing” during the global health crisis.

Ciara and Russell are not the only celebrity couple spreading love and generosity within their community.

*Steph Curry announced on Friday that he’s teaming with a local food bank to provide more than 1 million meals to low-income students in Oakland who cannot attend schools amid coronavirus shutdowns.

Curry and his wife, Ayeesha, shared their plan in a Twitter video, revealing that their Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation will work with the Alameda County Community Food Bank and Oakland Unified School District on the initiative.

We know the world is changing before our eyes in terms of dealing with the spread of coronavirus and we just found out that the Oakland Unified School District is closing the doors for the foreseeable future, so we want to intercede on behalf of the kids that rely on the daily services and try to help anyway we can,” Steph said in the video.

As noted by CNN, the National School Lunch Program provides low-cost or free lunches to 29.7 million children, but with the closure of schools across the nations, families are concerned about how they are going to feed their children.

The Oakland’s Unified School District has temporarily closed schools through at least Sunday, April 5.

“The statistics are really staggering. At least 18,000 kids rely on at least two meals a day from the school system, so we want to make sure that we rally around everyone and ensure that these kids are not wondering where their next meal is coming from,” said Ayesha.

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