Chris Brown Angered Fans For Hanging With Tyga & Austin McBroom In This Clip

Austin McBroom is persona non grata amongst Chris Brown’s fan circle. 

The controversial YouTube star was spotted hanging out with Chris Brown this week as the two did some non-social distancing with Tyga. The trio tried their hand (and feet) at performing some famous TikTok dances, with the “Run It!” singer captioning the clip, “Gang in this b****.” While we’re sure fans appreciated seeing Breezy pull out his moves, they were definitely not happy seeing him spend time with McBroom. Many believe that the 27-year-old who, by the by, was faced with rape accusations in October last year, is racist based on some of his previous tweets

The father of two is in a relationship with social media star/actress Catherine Paiz, and once wrote on Twitter, “Can’t do black girls cuz after I’m done, imma have to pay for their hair. #allbad.” Another of his tweets read, “St. Louis is scaring me away from black girls….. blondes with blue eyes are looking more appealing!” while he also stated, “Michigan black chicks make California black chicks look like beauty queens!!!”

Some angry comments aimed at Austin also dragged Chris Brown into their vitriol, but most expressed how the Ace family member is canceled and that the Grammy Award winner shouldn’t be hanging out with him. 

To be fair, Chris probably shouldn’t be hanging out with anyone at the moment. The world has been instructed to practise social distancing and self-isolation in order to try limit the spread of Coronavirus. Although the 30-year-old is so far healthy and free of the disease, his is one of the families that the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting. Chris Brown’s 4-month-old son, Aeko, lives in Germany with his mother, Ammika Harris, and because of intense travel restrictions, he cannot visit the baby. 

Hopefully, this will all be over soon, and Chris Browb can be reunited with his family.

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