Chileeeee…Young Thug Tells Sewer Rats ET ‘I Want Your Man!’ We The People Say 🗣We Knewed It!🔨🔨🔨

Word At The Sissy Bar…Thugger decided to let Sewer Rats “ET” know that her new boo is the object of his affection.

In a video Young Thug shared to his IG story, he put a stamp on that address and let ET know what it is.

JT, I want your man,” Young Thug declared, referring to Lil Uzi. “These n***as want spider wider…It’s time for the spider wider, now it’s time for the spider wider,” Young Thug repeated, imitating the City Girls’ hit song, “Twerkulator.”

Thugga Say.. 🗣It’s Time For The SpiderWiderr🤣
You Niggas Is Outta Orderrrrr 😭🔨🔨🔨

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