Chileeeee…Naomi Campbell’s ‘WHITE’ Child Revealed . . 👁🪓🪓🪓

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Naomi Campbell, 50, welcomed her daughter into the world earlier this year. Now the first pics of the baby are released, and the child is extremely light skinned.

So much so, that people all across social media are speculating that he child was born using Caucasian eggs and Caucasian sp*rm – a bizarre choice for Naomi Campbell, who is Black.

Given Naomi’s age at birth, she most likely used fertility treatments to get pregnant, and have her baby. Assuming this was the case, she could have used her own eggs – previously frozen – and donor sperm to create an embryo to be implanted via IVF.

Women who undergo IVF who wish use do not eggs and/or sperm, can request that race of the eggs or sperm that you want. Typically mothers who use donor eggs, choose a woman of their same race.

When the child was born, Naomi released an image to Vogue magazine, which suggested the child may have been created using either a Black egg or Black sperm.

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