Chileeeeeee…The African Booty Scratcher SAYS HE’S NO HOMOPHOBE..I Worked it at Pride Events, Gay Bars!!!

Word On The Curb..

Jussie Smollett‘s claim one of the Osundairo bros is homophobic — and that motivated him to pull off the alleged attack — is getting shot down in court by the brother himself, who brought Pride pics as evidence.

Ola Osundairo — one of the prosecution’s star witnesses, along with his brother Abel — testified Thursday in Chicago, saying he respects the gay community and had worked as a bouncer in a gay club called Boystown.

He stopped short of dropping the old “I have gay friends” trope but did say he’d been knee-deep in Pride celebrations. The jury was shown a 2015 photo of one such time — Ola said he was “handing out condoms and flexing” while dressed as a Trojan warrior.

Abel Osundairo took the stand and got grilled by Smollett’s attorney about his alleged sexual relationship with the “Empire” star. Shay Allen asked when they started dating, and Abel replied they never did. He also denied there being any sexual tension between them, and he only thought of Jussie as a friend.

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