Chileeeeeeee Peter FA Peter Says He Was Blindsided By Cynthia Suing Him–Said They Agreed On A Payment Date

Word On The Curb…Real HouseHOE of Atlanta” cast member Cynthia Baileyhad filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband Peter Thomas for an unpaid $170,000 loan on his currently foreclosed nightclub Bar One. Just days after the news broke, Peter spoke with Michelle Brown from Straight From The A and revealed that he was shocked to find out that he was being sued.

Peter told Michelle that they agreed that payments for the loan wouldn’t start until February 2021. He said that he offered to purchase the property from Cynthia on Auburn Ave in Atlanta, GA. Peter said, “I told Cynthia I would repurchase the property from you at the amount we purchased it for. Not even half like I was supposed to, half of the $106,000. I’m only entitled to give her back $80,000, but I’ll give you back but $106,000, but I will give it to you 36 months after the deed is transferred to my name. Not before since I’m walking away with nothing.”

He continued saying that he would be in better financial standing in three years and would be able to cut Cynthia a check in the amount he owes, and that’s what he’s sticking to. He claims the deed wasn’t transferred until February 23, 2019. Peter continues saying how they had such an amicable divorce, on what he calls the most amicable one in the history of reality TV, and Michelle agreed.

He claims this is the main factor why he couldn’t understand why Cynthia would do this since he didn’t ask for anything during their divorce. He said he saw this as a “mugshot” and could hurt his business reputation in the future.

He also said that he didn’t want to get anything from Cynthia during their divorce proceeding because he didn’t want people to think he was living off Cynthia, although that’s how he felt RHOA portrays the men on the show.

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