Chileeeeeeee…Na He Sorry! Wendy Wendell Brother Says He Was “Wrong” For Putting Their Business In These Innanet Streets

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Wendy Wiliams’ brother Tommy Williams says he was wrong for putting the family business on the innanets.

In a video that’s a little over eight minutes long. Tommy said in part, “I was wrong to utilize a platform to levy a conversation regardless as to whether or not I could reach out to you and get a response.”

He continued, “Regardless as I thought you were right or wrong, how you left daddy feeling. It was a choice that you had made, you have to live with.

Tommy added, “You told me and my wife to get our lives. You’re right; I’m gonna get my life. I’m gonna get my life in order by pulling back, taking the high road.

As previously reported, Tommy initially had a lot to say about his sister and their mother’s funeral, “What makes somebody not go to their mother’s funeral? I don’t understand not giving a salute to the one person who was always there and showed you support,” he said. “I don’t get how you can just move on and act like nothing happened.”

Fast forward a few days later and Wendy shocked her audience when she slammed Tommy in the middle of the show:

“I was just searching to see what people had to say about last week’s shows or the dresses or the guests we had … We do a nice production here. I’m minding my own business and I’m seeing a lot of comments about ‘you’re brother doesn’t like you’ or ‘you better watch your back because your brother is on one’ or ‘Wendy, I can’t believe you’re this kind of person.’ Tommy, let me tell you something right now — all you are is my brother. You better stop talking the way you’re talking because now it’s dripping into my comment page.”

She continued, adding “He’s pegging me to be a person I am not. Honey, you don’t want me to start pegging you to be the person that you are — with full-blown receipts. I could fill the audience with receipts with the leftovers all the way around the block. You are my brother, let’s keep it that way. If you want to talk on the internet then you talk about the

things that you think you know about yourself. You don’t want to talk about the things I know about you … for sure.”

Additionally, in the video Tommy made it clear to point out that while Wendy allegedly wasn’t at their mother’s funeral, her ex-husband Kevin Hunter Sr. was in attendance.

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