Chileeeeeeee I Know LUCCI Wasn’t At No Strip Club, High Off Weed And Opiates?!???

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YFN Lucci violated his strict bond conditions when he hit up a recording studio and a strip club as his murder case looms … at least according to prosecutors, who want him back in jail.

According to new legal docs, prosecutors in Georgia claim the rapper violated the conditions of his $500,000 bond the first day after getting sprung from jail as he awaits trial for murder.

In the docs, prosecutors claim YFN Lucci spent his first day on the outside hitting up an Atlanta recording studio, which they say is a violation of his monitored release.

Prosecutors also claim YFN Lucci went to an Atlanta strip club the same day, and they say it’s the same club at the center of an investigation into a gang-related shooting

Lucci was released from jail back in February, but his bond came with a long list of conditions he must obey until his next hearing.

Prosecutors claim YFN Lucci’s ankle monitor was tampered with, because they say there’s lots of missing and irregular data regarding his whereabouts for extended periods of time.

Prosecutors also claim YFN Lucci tested positive for marijuana and opiates in a drug test, which they say is yet another bond violation. They want a judge to revoke his bond so they can keep him in custody until the end of his murder case.

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