Chileeeeeeee…???Yaya Mayweather Discusses Motherhood & Says She’s Still Getting Married

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YaYa Mayweather’s life has gone through so many changes within the past year. And lately, she has been showcasing her growth as she embraces her new journey through motherhood.

The Mayweather family has been turning up in Miami the past few days after Floyd Mayweather held a huge birthday party to celebrates his 43rd birthday, which is on February 24th. While preparing to go out to yet another event, Yaya took to her Instagram live to talk to some of her followers.

She answered some questions, and when one person asked her, how is mom-life? She said, “It’s amazing, so good. I’m just going to keep it real with you guys…I love being a mommy. I’m honestly the happiest that I’ve been like ever, it’s just amazing.”

A few hours later, Yaya went live again, and this time she was in a car with a group of people, and she shared that she will still be getting married.

Yaya said in the video, “Let me tell ya’ll how I got the ring…still got it…still getting married if you ain’t know. Ask anybody, ask him, and that’s on period. That’s on Mary had a little lamb.”

She continued to say, “You talking about my husband (click here for reference)?” Then proceeded to laugh.

Now although she did not mention any names, many fans have assumed that she is talking about Kentrell Sr., who is known to the world as NBA YoungBoy, and also her ex and the father of her son, Kentrell Jr.

As many of you know, shortly before Yaya gave birth, NBA YoungBoy welcomed his daughter Kodi with Drea Symone. And at the moment, he is dating another young woman by the name of Jazlyn Mychelle.

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