The father of Bagel Karen’s children — who is a Black man — says that viral video of her hurling the n-word, in front of their kids, has him worried about their safety.

We got Durven Dawes Thursday in NYC, where he finally spoke out about the video showing Stephanie Denaro getting into an argument with a Black employee at Davidovich Bakery, and spewing the racial epithet.

Durven describes Stephanie’s verbal assault as “race spitting poison,” and says he absolutely does not condone her using the n-word … but adds it’s nothing new for her.

His real concern is their 4 kids, who he believes are suffering emotional harm because of Stephanie’s disgusting demeanor. People in the bakery were shocked she’d used the slur in front of her biracial children — but Stephanie made it clear she didn’t give a crap.

Durven, who lost a custody battle with Stephanie, says her brazen actions make him fear for the children’s safety, and the bakery incident is just the tip of the iceberg. She’s posted several disturbing videos and photos — perhaps the worst of which was a photo of 2 of the kids with a caption that celebrated the transatlantic slave trade.

Shockingly, Durven says it’s not too late for Denaro to make things right. He explains how she can reassure him their kids are safe with her … and also make amends with Victor Kamara, the bakery employee.

As reported … Denaro has been banned from the bakery, and a complaint’s been filed with cops.

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