Chileeeeeee…Braxton Sisters Throw Traci A Memorial Service – Her Husband Not Invited!

A Mess.. Word On The Curb..

Traci Braxton’s husband Kevin had organized a funeral service for her – and her sisters all boycotted.

The Braxton sisters decided instead to throw their own funeral service for Traci in Atlanta – and on her birthday. Naturally tons of celebrities were invited and attended, but one significant person was NOT invited – Traci’s husband.  

Saturday marked Traci’s first birthday after she died at the age of 50 on March 12th due to cancer.

Someone lied and said ‘it gets easier.’ It doesn’t. You just continue to live without,” Tamar, 45, wrote in the caption of her Instagram tribute for her sister.

On your last birthday, we all were so hopeful and optimistic and said it wasn’t going to be your last one. We were right because Today and EVERY birthday we will celebrate you just like we said we would,” the “All the Way Home” singer continued. “Our sisterly bond is unbreakable”

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2 thoughts on “Chileeeeeee…Braxton Sisters Throw Traci A Memorial Service – Her Husband Not Invited!

  1. It’s heart-wrenching to see the Braxton sisters coming together to celebrate Traci’s birthday without her husband. Their unbreakable bond shines through, reminding us that love transcends even the most difficult moments. 💔🙏

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