Chileeeeeee PoorWhorsha Spinoff Shows Simon Vs. Dennis, Unanswered Engagement Questions & A BIG Brawl

Word On The Curb..The trailer for PoorWhorsha spinoff series has been released and it’s TIRED & THREWWW🔨🔨🔨

“Porsha’s Family Matters” is on the way and it’s following a trip between Porsha’s brood, herex/baby’s father Dennis McKinley, and her fiancé Simon Guobadia. As previously reported Porsha opted to leave “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”but promised fans they’d see more of her story on her Bravo spinoff series. Now that time has come.

An official description for “Porsha’s Family Matters” notes that “tensions are high as Porsha Williams’s extended family weighs in on her whirlwind romance and her shocking engagement to Simon Guobadia.”

In the trailer, we hear Porsha’s sister Lauren encouraging the ex-housewife to meditate and visualize someone who “triggers her.” That person is apparently Dennis McKinley who claims that Porsha “still loves him” and later says “things are never over with the baby mama.”

We also see a displeased Simon telling Porsha that he’s always going to stand his ground and “no other man is going to speak over him.” That’s seemingly in response to Dennis who actually recently had a brief social media issue with Simon over a comment he made about Porsha’s booty.

He needs to stay out of our business,” says Simon in the trailer.

Additionally, Porsha’s family has TONS of questions about her engagement and they balk at Porsha proudly announcing that she’ll be the businessman’s fourth wife. “Oh my Lord!” says one of them.

All that drama pales in comparison however to the final scenes in the trailer that show a HUGE brawl breaking out and Porsha swinging and screaming while production tries to break things up.

Simon is also seen holding a wailing Porsha back.

Porsha’s Family Matters” premieres NOVEMBER 28th @ 9/8c on Bravo!

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