Chileeeeeee….Not This Bitch Respecting Nick Van Dykes Marriage and Not His Own

Word At The Flea Market..

Safaree wants no parts of questions regarding his ex Nick Van Dyke

Samuels recently appeared as a guest on his “No Love Just Floppers ” Yung Joc’s radio where he was asked various questions about his life. But when the conversation turned to his ex, Nicki Minaj, who is currently one of the most famous female rappers in the industry, Samuels opted for a quick and harmless response.

Samuels was asked if he’s ever listened to one of Minaj’s songs while being intimate with another woman. The new father of two expressed his dissatisfaction with the question by saying, “that’s not a good question.” But Samuels ended the question about his former girlfriend of over a decade on a positive note. He said, “That woman is married with a brand new baby…God Bless, ok!”

But the fans cared less about Samuels’ mature response and instead snubbed him for not treating his soon-to-be ex-wife and mother of his children, Erica Mena, with the same respect. One person said, “Not him respecting Nicki marriage and not his own 🥴. Someone else wrote, “so you respect nicki enough bc she’s married and has a baby but can’t do the same for his own wife and new baby.”

But at least one fan did show Samuels some support for his decision. That person wrote, “Good answer , you’re growing up👍🏾”

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