Chileeeeeee Instagram Deletes Lil Buss It Badazz’s Account AGAIN…

Lil Buss It Badazz has had his Instagram account deleted once again.

Last week, Boosie went off on Adam Mosseri who said that the rapper had been removed from the platform for constantly violating IG’s code of conduct.

“How the hell my Instagram was took ’cause of nudity? It was took ’cause of f* ckin’ racism, that’s why it was took,” said the rapper.

“Adam Mosseri, can you give me my page back? Y’all gave her her page back, can you give me my page back? Before that my page was never taken away from me. You done gave everybody their page back, give me another chance. Give me my official Boosie page back with my 10.5 million followers so I can help feed my family some more.”

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