Chileeeeeee…..ERICA BeenAHoeMENA Says Yes, I TRASHED SAFAREE’S STUFF After He Cheated On Me!

Word On The Curb… Erica Been A Ho Mena is copping to ruining some of her husband’s property, but says she only went HAM after finding out he was sleeping around … allegedly.

Chileeeeeee BeenAHo admits she damaged her now estranged husband’s personal items toward the end of her pregnancy, but she blames her anger on “numerous acts of infidelity.”

Safaree alleged she trashed some of his gear, including his expensive shoe collection.

BeenAHo already trying to clean up the mess she caused — in the docs, she says she’s already sent Safaree a cool $4,000 to cover at least some of the damage.

But her husband won’t be satisfied with that dollar figure though. Safaree claims BeenAHo did 30,000 worth of damage by pouring bleach on his high-end sneakers, and cutting the laces. He said she went off while she was 8 months pregnant, and 2 days after she’d vowed to divorce his bitch ass.

While Erica’s now admitting to wreaking some havoc, they’re clearly oceans apart on just how much damage was done … and therein lies the legal battle.

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