Chileeeeeee.. Diddy’s Got Another Baby On TheWay..This Time With SumYungHo!!👁Allegedly 🪓🪓🪓

Word On The Curb..

Sean “Diddy” Combs, 52, has a new baby on the way, according to the woman he brought as his date at yesterday’s Billboard Music Awards.

For the better part of the last decade, Diddy’s had an on-again off-again relationship with a beautiful model named Gina Huynh. Gina was Diddy’s side chick during his relationship with Kim Porter, and Cassie. And she’s still hanging around.

Now all Gina’s perseverance appears to have paid off. According to Gina, she’s pregnant by the billionaire. And Weeeee Dooooon’t Caaaaare!

The Asian Thot announced her purported pregnancy last night, when she attended the Billboard Music Awards with Diddy. While the billionaire mogul did NOT bring Gina out onto the red carpet with him, he did land her a front row seat.

And during the Awards Show, Gina posted pics of her at the event, and announced that Diddy is her “baby daddy.” The billionaire mogul already has 5 kids, from three different women.

But Diddy and Gina’s relationship hasn’t always been a loving one. In a 2019 interview with blogger Tasha K, Gina revealed that Diddy frequently beat her – when he thought she was flirting with Meek Mill.

Gina told Tasha that she greeted Meek Mill for his birthday at his party, which led to an argument between Diddy and her. “He like, grabbed my hair and like cursed me out for doing that, why the f*ck you shaking his hand for” “He mushed my face, like really hard and made my nose bleed”

And that’s not all, in the same interview Gina shared another story from Miami, where she claims Diddy pushed her and after she fell down he “grabbed [her] hair and punched” her.

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