Chileeeeeee ?We Knewed It!! ???Trick Daddy No Dollars Is Behind w/ His Bankruptcy Payments

Word On The Curb.. Trick Daddy has not been keeping up with his bankruptcy case payments and reportedly owes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to Radar Online, Trick filed for bankruptcy after reportedly claiming he was unable to settle his $800K debts in 2019. 

“His assets included his Florida home worth $350,000, $1,500 worth of household goods and clothing valued at $100. He told the court he had nothing in his checking account. His debts included $435k owed on the home, $12k in homeowners fees and $60k in back child support,,” says Radar.

It is also reported that he woes $300K debt to the IRS.

He has to pay $22K by July 2 to catch up with his payments or his bankruptcy case will be dismissed.

The news comes the same week Trick went viral after saying Beyonce could not sing.

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