Chileeeeee..Tekashi 6ix9ine Say NY Guys ‘RAN A TRAIN’ On Cardi B Before The Fame!!

Tekashi 6ix9ine is making news again, this time for making some explosive allegations against female rapper Cardi B.

Tekashi claims that Cardi B was “ran through” when she worked in the clubs.

According to Tekashi, Cardi allegedly had men “run trains” on her while she worked as a stripper in New York.

During a recent interview Tekashi explained that he has the “tea” on a certain female rapper because he’s from Brooklyn. He then told the interviewer that the “female rapper” got “ran through in New York.”

And while Tekashi didn’t say any names – it’s clear that he was talking about Cardi B. Tekashi’s current girlfriend is suing Cardi for assaulting her. And Cardi is facing criminal charges associated with that assault.

After spilling Cardi’s alleged business, he quickly gave a shout out to Nicki Minaj and “The Barbs” – Cardi’s arch enemy.

Before becoming a hip hop star, Cardi B worked as a stripper. Cardi has been accused in the past of working as a prostitute as well. MTO News has learned that Cardi B however has denied those claims. According to Cardi she never “sold p***y” specifically.

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